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Anna Böhlmark from Sollerön. Holds a master’s degree from the University of Florence in Communication and Science. Foreign correspondent for 2000s Science between2009-2016. Fluent in Italian, English, Spanish, and good French & Chinese. Film & Produce Documentary Films located at Almanova.euAnna has built up and runs the company Pelicanmedia.se where she welcomes external film assignments. Editor-in-Chief of AlmaNova.


lmaNova is the journal that builds bridges between science, spirituality and health. AlmaNova wants to enlighten and inspire to achieve creativity and life energy that is the natural state of man.

We look at the human being from a holistic perspective, where each person is their unique individual, from several levels. Man is not merely a biological, physical being. She carries awareness, spirituality, emotions, energies and a sensitive mind.

She is a complex creature in a multifaceted world.

This makes it important to embrace a new science – quantum physics – that includes these elements. The ancient science that sees man as a biochemical being is no longer sufficient to understand and describe man. When starting from a quantum physical perspective, it becomes natural that energy medicine in various forms is the form of treatment that most successfully manages to alleviate various imbalances. Methods such as Chinese medicine, homeopathy, Ayurveda, frequency medicine etc have proven to be effective for the treatment and prevention of many of today’s most common ailments.

As the name means – Alma Nova  – Alma is  the soul and Nova new. The new soul. We need to rethink health. We need to bring the soul into this holistic approach.

In the quantum physics paradigm, there is no separation between energy and matter. Thus, neither between our mind nor our body. Well-being is achieved when you find balance in several of our different levels. Perfect health is mental, spiritual, physical, emotional and sensory.

By Anna Böhlmark, Editor-in-Chief of AlmaNova


Nonna Larsson, guest writer for AlmaNova, from Malmö. Living freely, wherever she is in the world, is high on her agenda. Originally from Malmö, now written in Höör, Skåne.Nonna is a living guide to natural health and natural treatments. Wants to shed light on hidden truths and so she is passionate about giving people the strength and courage to follow their hearts. Current with the book “Write about love” which she also holds workshops about.
Ingemar Ljungqvist, from Skene. Founded in 1990 FöreningenSARA & Tidningen 2000s Vetenskap 1996.20 years background as editor-in-chief. A background as a high school teacher. Author of the book AIDS-Taboo (1992). Participated in the First World Congress on Cancer with Erik Enby in Sydney in 1994. He has a Doctor of Science from OIUCM, Colombo, Sri Lanka (1999). Editor at AlmaNova.