Sanctuary Retreat is a place to open our minds . Kailash Kokopelli, the man behind the place, believes that the place is ideal for healing frequencies, meditations and living in full harmony with nature. Kokopelli, with roots in Germany, is a world musician who has lived almost his entire life abroad. He has spent the last 12 years on this farm in Österlen where he developed his sense of sound and frequencies.

Kailash’s fate is intertwined with the 23-year-old German Lucca who came to the Sanctuary retreat two years ago.
When Lucca was eighteen years old, she started traveling around different farms, hitchhiking and not knowing where she would sleep the next night. Until she found Sanctuary retreat.
– I came to this place as a volunteer. Before, I had a vision of finding a place to put down roots and live and live on a farm. I was looking for something I could do that made me whole, to develop my inner potential and find a project that could really inspire me deeply. I was looking for someone who could guide me and teach me about another world. But I also needed to find something that could calm my nerves. My senses were always restless. – I contacted a few farms in Sweden and when I ended up in Sanctuary Retreat I felt – this was my place!

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